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Coronavirus Notice


LocalBizSeek & Business Development Network is committed to helping small to medium size businesses navigate the changes brought about by the Coronavirus


We have talked to business owners who have lost over 90% of their foot traffic seemingly overnight.


The way people shop and do business has changed and some say these changes could last for years.  


Businesses that fail to adapt to these changes will risk closing their doors forever. 


If you are not promoting your business online you need to start TODAY. If you are already online you need to CAST A WIDER NET


If you don’t have a website we will build one for FREE.  If your website is older or outdated we will upgrade it for FREE. 


We have reduced our set up Fees by over 50% and we have lowered our monthly fees in order to be of maximum benefit to our friends and neighbors in the business community in these very uncertain times. 


We have created a Basic online package for $99 a month to help even the smallest home-based business during these times. 

Call us today and we will do a FREE consultation with you via Zoom and show you how we can help your business stay afloat and navigate these unprecedented times.

We require no long-term contract you can cancel anytime with a 30 day written notice. 

Call us today and set up your Free Consultation. The business you save may be your own. 



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Our 80+ Digital Ad Partner Network

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Our 80+ Digital Ad Partner Network

We are a one stop Digital Marketing Solution for your business.  Our advertising partners are a network of global maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, directories and social networks that maximize business information everywhere customers search.  Our Goal is to align your business information with today's smart technology to maximize visibility for businesses everywhere people search.  Our advertising partners are directly integrated into our platform so that business information is updated in real time and published everywhere with a single click.

Website Creation or Upgrade

Local Cross Channel Promotion

Digital Hub "Knowledge Graph"
80+ Partner Advertising Network

7 Dimension SEO System

Social Media Development

Advanced Web Analytics

Ongoing Management Maintenance
Review Generation Publishing

Plus Over 100 Integrated Services

Our 7 Dimension SEO System

Not only do we want you to show up with our advertising partners, but we also want your website to work for you.  If it is not optimized it is likely that you are not showing up near the top of a search and let's face it, no one is scrolling to page 10 in a search.  We run diagnostics and analytics and fix the areas that need work to get you better rankings and also get you set up with sidebar ads that will get new customers coming your way.

Business Website Full SEO
Google, Bing & Yahoo Sidebar
Business Social Media SEO
SEO Analysis Regularly
SEO Monitoring Regularly
Ongoing SEO Maintenance
Website Schema SEO

Our LocalBizSeek Platform

The LocalBizSeek Search Engine Platform provides a location for businesses to promote to local consumers.  Websites are just an online brochure for businesses.  By enabling Businesses to take their information and integrate it into a search engine platform, this allows that information to work for you by increasing web presence with the information you are promoting.


Business Main Page Promotion

Google, Yahoo & Bing Ranking
Business Website Promotion
Customer Business Reviews
Full Review Dispute Rights
Control Panel Access

Unlimited Business Classifieds
Unlimited Business Listings
Unlimited Discount Listings
Unlimited Business Pages
Unlimited Job Listings
Unlimited Photos

Social Media Development
Foursquare Connections

Facebook Connections

Linkedin Connection
Twitter Connection

Local Optimized Pages

Pages Top SEO Ranking
Reviews Top SEO Ranking 
Listings Top SEO Ranking 
Search Engine Optimization

Advertising Adviser Assigned
Online Consultant Assigned
Expert IT Handler Assigned
SEO Expert Help Assigned

LocalBizSeek Business Development Network Company has really helped me and my wife and our business tremendously. They set us up how to Advertise and Market our business also helped us a whole lot and also the help of the Marketing Adviser was very good for us and our team and he was always there when I needed him and we truly appreciate all his help... It's really nice to know that there was a business out there somewhere that can really help... this is a beautiful company and we will love to tell others about it... thank you once again have a nice day. Robin M******
BBB Review Received on 07/25/19
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How Consumers Benefit

Consumers Save Money & Make Money


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Search Businesses
Business Reviews
Employment Ads
Classified Ads
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Call us at 1.888.600.8144 anytime and one of our Online Search Engine SEO and Advertising Consultants will be glad to go over our Services and How we can Help You to Increase and Maximize your Results through the Internet.

About LocalBizSeek

LocalBizSeek is The Only Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing Advertising Partner, Review Generation & Publishing Platform Providing Local & National Cross Channel Promotion, Discounts, Local Job Listings, Free Local Classifieds and Local Business Reviews as well as Website Development, a Business Listing Directory and Digital Hub and we are Dedicated to Providing Benefits & Savings to Consumers and Promoting Local Businesses in Every Possible Way to Create Greater Prosperity for All.


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